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Ad-portal help

How to use the Ad Portal

499 views 30/06/17

How to use Bonniers ad portal to upload PDFs and checking for errors.

Ad-portal help

How to create a print ad

639 views 27/06/17

How to create a print-ready PDF using Adobe InDesign.

Ad-portal help

How to export spreads

506 views 22/06/16

How to export spreads from InDesign. It should be two separate pages in a single PDF.

Ad-portal help

How to check the resolution of images in InDesign

5,975 views 22/06/16

How to check the resolution of images in InDesign, and how to use preflight. Images should be...

Ad-portal help

How to install PDF presets

557 views 22/06/16

How to install and use PDF presets.

Ad-portal help

How to create a spine offset

660 views 22/06/16

How to compensate for area lost in the spine by offsetting images.

Ad-portal help

Understanding error reports, and correcting...

555 views 22/06/16

How to read the error reports from the ad portal, and how to correct a few common problems

Ad-portal help

Installing Color Profiles

657 views 21/06/16

Ad portal help: How to install color profiles.